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The Spotz Mask with MDI Chamber is a chamber to help eliminate the loss of inhaled medication. It works by holding the medication inside the chamber. Airtight, the chamber will keep the medication inside until the person using it is ready to inhale again. Instead of having the medication go out into the atmosphere, finishing off your medication faster and increasing your cost.

The container is made of plastic. Free of latex material. Safe for people who may be allergic to latex based products. Easy to clean. The chamber can be un-caped to fully sanitize, inside and out. The pediatric dog mask helps ease the process for children who may find the whole ordeal scary. A friendly face helps the child to calm and notice the puppy eyes and silly smile. The mask covers the nasal and mouth area for a full inhalant dose. Even with fussy kids. You can still give them their full dosage.

The entire device can fit into a purse or pocket. At an overall height of 6 inches and width of 2.25 inches; it can be easily taken for sessions while on the road. The clear design of the chamber helps to see the medication inside to determine if the dosage was properly dispensed.

    Spotz Mask with MDI Chamber

    SKU: MQ8100
    • Product Features and Benefits

      Product Specifications

      • Eliminates Waste of Medication through Concentration
      • Easy To Clean Container
      • Made of Latex Free Material
      • Covers Nasal and Mouth Ways
      • Can Accommodate Most CFC and HFA Meter Dose Inhalers
        • Manufacturer: Drive Medical
        • Product SKU: MQ8100
        • Latex-Free: Yes
        • Dimensions:
        • Length: 3.38 Inches
        • Height: 6 Inches
        • Width: 2.25 Inches
        • Item Weight: 0.225 Pounds
        • Color: Clear
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