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The AG Industries AG5603 Suction Canister Kit is a secretion collection container fully equipped for a plug and play experience. The kit comes included with the necessary equipment to run a suction session successfully. When administrating a suction sitting, the staff has to pull and group together the correct items to assemble and start the procedure, this can have drawbacks. When collecting the items, not included in kits, you may run short of some certain items, maybe you don't have a Suction Bacteria Filter, or maybe you ran out of Suction Tubing.

When purchasing equipment separately, these types of situations can happen, and it does not end by simply placing a new order, at times you may run into the item being out of stock and must purchase elsewhere; this is where staff time gets wasted due to situations that should be an easy resolution.

When purchasing in kits, you eliminate loss of equipment. The AG Industries 800cc Full Suction Canister Kit is sealed with each kit having the proper tools included all packaged into one sealed bag - no more need to keep running around looking for individual equipment, simply grab a bag and go, knowing that everything you need will be included.

The full suction canister kit includes an 800cc canister to collect the secretions being suctioned out from the body, the collection container also has a float valve shut-off which stops suction once capacity has been met; for a safe and secure session. Included with your kit is not only the 800cc canister, but it also includes a 72-inch suction tubing the connects to the canister, a 4-inch silicone tubing, elbow connector, and a DeVilbiss suction filter for secretion passing through. You are given everything you need to get started right away, with minimal staff downtime.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Full Suction Kit for Convenience
  • Comes with Suction 800 cc. Canister
  • Includes a 72 Inch Blue Tip Suction Tube
  • Equipped with DeVilbiss Suction Filter


    Suction Canister Kit

    SKU: AG5603
    • Product Specifications

      • Manufacturer: Home Health
      • Product SKU: AG5603
      • Application: Suction Canister Kit
      • Attachments: Elbow Connector
      • Graduations: Graduated
      • Lid Type: Float Valve Shut-Off
      • Tubing Specifications: 4 Inch Silicone Tubing / 6 Foot Blue Tip Suction Tubing
      • Volume: 800 Milliliters
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