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The Evo Medical 800cc Suction Jar is a collection canister that takes in contents from suction sessions that are most commonly used to collect mucus and fluids from inside the body. The suction jar is of large capacity for most professionals office use, it allows a complete session to be carried out without having to empty the container every so often.

The Evo Medical 61048 Suction Jar is an 800cc capacity collection jar, it includes a snap-on lid, and comes with an auto shut-off float valve, what this valve does is cut the suction off once the floating valve reaches the top of the cannister as to not overflow and reduce the possibility of damage to the suction machine.

The canister is designed with a raised etched CC increments that are visible from the exterior of the container, this allows you to properly and correctly measure out the contents collected within the container. The canister itself is made to be disposed of after single use or after a few sessions. Proper maintenance should be followed when continued use of the cannister occurs, in order to comply with safe medical standards.

When setting up your suction machine, make sure you attach a bacteria filter such as the Gomco Hydrophobic Bacteria Filter to stop contents from being sucked into the machine, damaging it.

Product Features and Benefits

  • 800cc Volume Capacity
  • Disposable Suction Canister
  • Raised Etched CC Increments
  • Lid Comes with Auto Shut Off Float Valve
  • Universal Ports and Size to Fit Most Suction Machines


    Suction Jar 800 cc

    SKU: 61048
    • Product Specifications

      • Manufacturer: evo
      • Product SKU: 61048
      • Application: Suction Canister
      • For Use With: For Most suction machines
      • Graduations: Graduated
      • Lid Type: Float Valve Shut-Off
      • Tubing Specifications: Without Tubing
      • Usage: Disposable
      • Volume: 800 mL
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