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SuctionPro72 Closed Suction Catheter, manufactured by Portex, is an airway catheter for the removal of secretions from the tracheobronchia tree. Used with ventilator dependent adult patients, the SuctionPro 72 Closed Suction Catheter is for single patient use for up to 72 hours. To increase patient comfort, the SuctionPro72 features a swivel connector that reduces torque. In addition, the sleeve is made of a softer material which allows a better catheter flow.

The SuctionPro 72 highlights a closed system design, which will reduce the risk of cross contamination, and the lockable end cap prevents inadvertent suctioning. The Clear T piece of the SuctionPro 72 offers caregivers visualization of the pathway. The clear pathway evacuation port also provides for visual inspection. Featuring a Trac-Wedge™, you can easily disconnect the catheter from the patient. SuctionPro 72 includes a 15 mL saline vial, too. The saline will flow through the lumen which will reduce the risk of washing biofilm back into the patient.

Features and Benefits

  • Closed System Suction Catheter providing for the removal of secretions from the tracheobronchial tree
  • 3-day recommended duration of use.
  • Clear pathway evacuation port.
  • Lockable thumb valve end cap.
  • Sterile, single patient use.
  • Patient label with day of the week stickers.
  • Clear T piece for visualization of the pathway.
  • Soft but strong catheter sleeve.
  • Trac-Wedge™ device to aid in disconnection of the catheter from the patient’s tracheal or tracheostomy tube.


    SuctionPro72 Closed Suction Catheter

    • Product Specifications

      • Product Numbers: Z115N-14, Z110N-12, Z110N-14, Z115-14, Z115N-12, Z116N-14.
      • Sizes: 12 and 14 French
      • Length Options: 12 or 22 Inch
      • Application: Removal of secretions from the tracheobronchial tree.
      • Sterile.
      • Latex-free.
      • Manufacturer: Sims Portex
      • Brand: SuctionPro 72
      • HCPCS code: A4628
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