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Portex Thermovent® T - Heat and Moisture Exchanger (HME) provides humidification for naturally breathing or ventilated patients whose upper airways are bypassed by a tracheostomy tube. The exchanger easily accommodates the Portex Thermovent 02 and has full compatibility with breathing systems. Its lightweight, low profile design minimizes drag on the tracheostomy tube. The exchanger keeps the trach moist by capturing heat and moisture on expiration and returns it to the patient in inspiration. This efficiency reduces the risk of tube blockage from encrustations by preventing thickened secretions.

Thermovent T- Heat and Moisture Exchanger can only be used for 24 hours but can be changed out as often as needed. Contamination is easily detected with the clear housing. The simple opening port provides quick and easy access for a suction catheter to eliminate secretions.

Features and Benefits:

    Full Compatibility with Breathing Systems
    Convenient Oxygen Delivery
    Low Profile Design
    Maximum Comfort
    High Performance
    Minimizes Drag on the Tracheostomy Tube
    Transparent to Detect Contamination
    High Performance, Double Paper Element

THERMOVENT T 570016 Portex Heat Moisture Exchanger HME

SKU: 1466
  •  Manufacturer: Smiths Medical
        Product Number: 570016
        Easily Accommodates Thermovent 02 (100/575)
        Connection: 15 mm ID Raised Fenestration on Patient End
        Moisture Output: 25 mg H2O/L at 34°C for 1000 mL Tidal Volume
        Resistance to Flow: 2.0 cm H2O at 60 LPM
        Media: Corrugated Paper Element
        Weight: .18 oz


        Exchanger to be Used Maximum of 24 Hours
        Do Not Add Moisture to the Filter Elements

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