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THERMOVENT T2 HME, manufactured by Smiths Medical, is a new generation passive humidifier for use with tracheostomy tubes.

This tracheostomy accessory provides effective humidification for spontaneously breathing patients. A simple opening port provides quick and easy access for suctioning and maintenance.

This HME device includes a centrally located integrated oxygen line connection port that enables supplementary oxygen without hindering the other functions.

The THERMOVENT T2 HME features a clear housing that makes it easy to visually see contamination. T paper media is included that provides high level performance of heat and moisture exchange to patients.

The design features a smooth rounded edge that helps with providing patient comfort, and the device can be used for a maximum period of 24 hours.

THERMOVENT T2 HME Features and Benefits

  • Smooth Edges Provide Patient Comfort
  • Integrated Oxygen Port Provides Supplemental Concentrated Oxygen
  • Simple Opening Port for Ease of Secretion Suctioning


    THERMOVENT T2 Portex Heat Moisture Exchanger w/ o2 Port

    SKU: 100/570/022
    • THERMOVENT T2 HME Specifications

      • Sterile
      • Use Time: 24 Hours Maximum
      • Supplemental Oxygen Percent: Up to 60 Percent
      • THERMOVENT T2 HME Product Number: 100575022
      • Thermovent T2 Instructions
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