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Patients with tracheostomies need to have the trach tube cleaned out regularly. Trach tubes, also referred to as a tracheal cannulas or stoma buttons can be hindered with mucous and secretions. Mucous and secretions when left untreated can cause serious issues including tube blockage. Tube blockage can be identified by: noise from the tube, difficulty speaking, shallow and/or fast breathing or crowing sounds from the patient's throat. Tube blockage can be serious and should be dealt with immediately. An effective pre-treatment for this condition is regular maintenance and cleaning to prolong the life of the trach tube and help prevent tube blockage.



Trach Brush is available for SALE from Vitality Medical and features a loop handle to help the user performing the cleaning to maintain a secure grip. These brushes are made with a wire handle that can be bent or kept straight. This flexibility makes this brush more versatile with cleaning curved or straight trach tubes. The small size of this item makes it useful for also cleaning cannulas. This brush is designed with nylon bristles, a 6" handle and comes in sterile packaging. BUY Trach Brush from Vitality Medical today.


Trach Brush Features and Benefits

  • Helps with maintaining and cleaning trach tubes.
  • Bendable wire handle.
  • Can be used to clean cannulas.
  • Useful for cleaning straight or curved trach tubes.
  • Loop handle to help with secure grip.




    Trach Brush Trachea Care Brush

    SKU: 30417
    • Trach Brush Specifications

      • Item size: 6"
      • Manufacturer: DeRoyal Medical
      • UPN # 50749756031887
      • Not made with natural rubber latex
      • Trach Brush item number: 30-417
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