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The Halyard Kimvent Neonatal and Pediatric Trach Care Elbow is a 10 French trach tube for the care of younger patients such as infants and children, the smaller size is a comfortable fit for the smaller patients in need of a trach tube. The trach tube is one option of other available sizes such as the Ballard Neonatal And Pediatric Trach Care Elbow; you can review our extensive line for the best option for you.

The Halyard 8314 Kimvent 10 French 16-Inch Pediatric Trach Elbow is provided sterile with the use of gamma irradiation and is packaged individually in sterilized packages to offer a long shelf-life reliability. In features, especially when dealing with a young patient, the trach tube can be wholly intrusive and will more than likely be fidgeted with by the patient. The elbow design will offer a lower profile in contribution to keeping it out of sight.

Sterility does not just start with the packaging of the item, but with the caretaker also. Keep sanitized with the use of Provon Foaming Antimicrobial Handwash with Moisturizers.

Product Features and Benefits

    Trach Care Pediatric Elbow 10 French

    SKU: 8314
    • Product Specifications

      • Rated for Paediatric Use
      • Comfortable 10 French Size
      • 16 Inches in Length
      • Elbow Application to Minimize Intrusion
      • Gamma Sterilized
        • Manufacturer: Halyard (formerly Kimberly Clark)
        • Product SKU: 8314
        • Brand: Trach Care
        • Application: Elbow
        • For Use With: Tracheostomy Tube Closed
        • Specifications: 10 French
        • Length: 16 Inches
        • Paediatric: Yes
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