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racheostomy Tube Neckbands, by Pepper Medical, have proven its comfort properties with multiple features that make wearing the trach tube more convenient and satisfying. The neckband is made for adult tracheostomy feeding tube wearers and comes as a two-piece unit. The two-piece assembly makes it easier to adjust and fits most adult neck circumferences.



Tracheostomy Ties also feature a 100 percent cotton flannel material that has "moisture wicking" properties to draw sweat and moisture away from the contact area to prevent skin irritation. This trach neck band also has thick padding to comfort the wearer's neck and is also made thick enough to prevent the material rolling over itself causing a roping effect that could dig into the skin. The device is latex-free and has hypoallergenic materials for patients who have sensitive skin.



Trach-Tie® Tracheostomy Tube Neckband Features and Benefits


  • The fabric is moisture wicking and helps prevent skin irritation.
  • The fabric is woven thick and won't dig into the skin.
  • The material is latex-free.
  • It has closed seams on the edge to help keep moisture away and reduce skin irritation.
  • The two-piece system is easier to adjust.
  • The band includes foam padding for comfort.
  • It includes the Pepper Medical FlexPiece that allows for edema and cough reflex.



    Trach-Tie Tracheostomy Tube Neckaband

    SKU: 501
    • Trach-Tie® Tracheostomy Tube Neckband Specifications

      • Manufacturer Number: 501
      • Manufacturer: Pepper Medical
      • Size: Fits Most Adults
      • Color: White
      • Material: Cotton with Drywick®
      • Width: 1 inch
      • Latex Free
      • HCPCS: A7526
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