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Trach Vent Accessories, manufactured by Hudson RCI, work with the Trach Vent, Trach-Vent T and Trach-Vent + to provide efficient set-up and maintenance.

Trach Vent Holder: (61112)

The Trach-Vent Holder Holds the Trach-Vent to tracheostomy or endotracheal Tubing allowing it to be removed and replaced easily during suctioning or change out. Helps to minimize patient trauma when exchanging Trach-Vents making it ideal for homecare.

Oxy-Vent HME: (45512)

Oxy-Vent HME easily connects to the Trach-Vent to provide supplemental oxygen when needed.

Starter Kit: (41172)

The Starter Kit includes 3 Trach-Vent HME, 1 Trach-Vent Holder, and 1 Oxy-Vent with Tubing.

These Trach Vent Accessories work with the Trach-Vent, T Trach-Vent, and Trach-Vent Plus HME.

Trach Vent Accessories

SKU: 45512
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