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TrachTape Endotracheal Tube Securing Tape, manufactured by Welcon, is a Cloth Tape with adhesive to secure trach tubes to any patient, TrachTape is pre-fabricated and has adhesive back tails for quick and easy tube placement. Trach Tape has a unique padlock foam that does not absorb water or body fluids and cushions against the patient's neck. Providing a cushioned surface for the patient's neck, Trach Tape reduces the risk of skin irritation and breakdown.

Welcon Trachtape Features and Benefits

  • Flexible securing tape designed to fit any patient.
  • Eliminates makeshift devices fashioned from roll tape and ensures consistent protocol patient care.
  • Will not stick to patients hair.
  • Easy peel and stick application.
  • Designed specifically to secure endotracheal tubes.
  • Made from trusted cloth adhesive tape.




    TrachTape Endotracheal Tube Securing Adhesive Tape

    SKU: 2700
    • Welcon Trachtape Specifications

      • Welcon Trach Tape for Endotracheal Tubes Product Number: 2700.
      • Pre-fabricated foam tape.
      • Cloth adhesive tape with peel and stick use.
      • HCPCS code: A4649.
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